Medical Detoxification

Shadow Mountain Detox Hospital provides inpatient, medically-assisted detoxification from: alcohol, benzo’s, opiates, and stimulants. Our medically trained staff of addiction treatment specialists provides our patients with a detox process that is individualized, safe, effective, and as comfortable as possible.

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Daily Support

At Shadow Mountain Detox Hospital, we provide an exclusive level of daily support for all of our patients. Our Doctors are on site daily and our Registered Nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also perform daily evaluations and offer counseling services to both our patients and their families.

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A Medical Facility

Shadow Mountain Detox Hospital isn’t just a detoxification facility, it is a medical facility. Medically assisted detoxification not only eases the suffering of patients, it is also highly effective compared to other treatment methods. This is largely due to the ability of medical professionals to completely address all aspects of chemical addiction.

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Recent Blogs

Shadow Mountain Detox Hospital specializes in medically assisted detoxification and rehabilitation. Come see what makes Shadow Mountain Detox different and learn about the different aspects of medical detox and how to prepare for it for yourself or as a family member.

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Alcohol & Drug Detox

We have experienced insurance and admissions specialists ready to assist at any time.
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